Saturday, 22 September 2012

BBW White Beauty London Andrews vs Black Sapphire

BBW beautifull London Andrews Vs Sapphire
company:    Sleeperkidsword
Interracial Staged Catfight, very good acting.
The bbw white beauty is dominated and humilliated by the black woman, her voluptuos body get slamed against the wall and floor. great body great catfight!!!
The womans before the catfight are showed toghether, Busty London Andrews looks so confident but her taller rival es to strong for her! The busty has no chance, she is defenseless against her rival.

To Busty and Beautifull to get beaten!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

White busty K.C. Cannons Vs Black Busty

Staged Catfight. But the models are 2 greats busty womens. K.C. Cannons has all that you wont in a woman, big boobs and a great and voluptuos body!
The busty white is a maid that steals the custumer´s rooms in a hotel. The Black busty is the security manager, so the black women get caught the white bimbo and she is lost!!

Episode: Security Breach