Monday 11 July 2022

Busty white Inga vs black Warrior Sonia

  Inga is a big, strong lady, and has built a solid reputation among fans of fighting females. However, she more than meets her match in World-Class, turn-on, internationally renowned, Sonia Fernandez. Sonia is a treat to look at, and at 5' 8", 160 lbs., is far too much woman for Inga. Wrestling domination, tit torture, pussy punishment, spanking, sexy crotch-to-crotch and breast-to-breast action, as the screen explodes with Sonia's power and dominance. Inga is crying, whimpering, and is totally humiliated as her meaner, stronger conqueror continues punishing her. Mean as hell is the furious Sonia as she applies devastating headscissors, crushing full nelsons and bodycissors, choke holds, and more, in a cruel, yet gleeful manner. Not through yet. the invincible warrior continues her assault as she combines brutal domination and absolutely suffocating front and rear facesitting which leaves Inga totally breathless and on the verge of complete suffocation. This is a must for fans of wrestling, domination and super nude facesitting.

Hot busty white villainnes get beat by tough black heroine!

 Hot busty white villainnes get beat by tough black heroine!

Filmthe human tornado

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